Papa’s Living Room Book Introduction…written by Amy Meyer

Thriving Relationships – Toxic Mindsets

This message called “Toxic Mindsets” is part of our Thriving Relationships Series. Many times we get stuck in old paradigms and wounded patterns that we drag into new relationships. Find out how to overcome toxic thinking.

 Thriving Relationships – The Fight to Be Right

We all want to be right, and maybe we are on some things. The way to have thriving communication is in the delivery of what we are conveying. Listen in to discover the power of responding versus reacting. The fruit of the Spirit is a powerful force that causes relationships to thrive and remain alive.

Thriving Workplace: Finding your work and passion

Every single person on the planet wants to know why they are here. Discovering your passion is not that difficult once you know that Love is cheering you on. Listen in for more.