The New Testament examples of Church [Ekklesia]

The New Testament examples of Church [Ekklesia] are Vastly Different from the Contemporary notion that it is a Place where members go, usually once a week. Back then, Church always referred to People, never to Buildings, and it was made up of individuals who operated 24/7 “from House to House” all over town as a Transforming Organism, not as a Static Institution (Acts 2:46; 5:42). Its Objective was the Transformation of People and of Society, rather than acting as a Transfer Station for Saved Souls bound for Heaven. ~ Ed Silvos church


Ekklesia the original word for “Church”

We’re all hearing the word EKKLESIA come to the forefront. 😃Transcribers back in the day replaced this word with “church” in the Bible. However, a church has been more associated with a building or place. Hence, the need and desire to rightly define ourselves is found in its true context. If you’ve ever wondered what the definition is, well here you go… Does it describe you? Does it not resonate within you? How beautiful! We become what we behold.😇🙏😉❤️ Love you guys! Just wanted to share that nugget with you, for those who didn’t know.

(picture: courtesy of Ekklesia Rising book by Liz Wright❤️)

Ekklisia definition